How To Fix A Bandarq Match?

August 16, 2021 myheartbelongsto



Following recent revelations that Chinese gamblers and match-fixers had been active in South Korea’s third division, I talked to Declan Hill.


Hill is a journalist who specialises in match-fixing in football and has written a book on the subject called The Fix


If you want to fix a match, what should you do?


You have to think about the hierarchy of the team. A Bandarq match-fixer is like a spider in the middle of the web. On one side, he has to get the players and referee. It is not easy as he may not know the players. Even if you do, it is not so simple to call them and ask.


So they hire the access. They will him someone who they call ‘a runner’. He will talk to a senior member of the team. Ideally this is a player who had very high status in the team but recently left – perhaps he is also having some financial problems. He perhaps asks his former team-mates to come to a hotel and meet some friends.


The other side of the spider’s web is the gambling market. Many of the bookmakers, know both the big punters and the big fixers, so they have to hide their identity. They do this by hiring people they call ‘beards’. Literally, people who disguise who is placing the bets, but with the internet, this is much easier.


How does it work?


The best way is to get a star player and maybe two or three others in a weaker team. Most people think that match-fixing is all about getting a strong team to lose to a weak team but that is not the case. Match-fixers don’t care about that – they just want certainty and …



Pkv MLS 2006 – Sowing Another Seed of Hope

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The U.S. domestic league kicked off its second decade yesterday with survival still the key and a sense of established security still elusive.


Everyone is Europe asks if and when football is going to grow in America and the answer is still the same: Give it time.


If crowds are the measure of success then MLS is either stagnant or stable, depending on how you look at it. Attendances have stayed at around 15,000 over the past decade although some clubs do better than others. The LA Galaxy drew a respectable 21,677 average last season and new arrivals Real Salt Lake were second on 18,037 and Chivas USA fourth with 17,080.


The league is certainly in better financial health than before having jettisoned its lowly-supported teams, moved into new stadia and signed a recent $150 million sponsorship deal with Adidas, and will still leap at any opportunity to cash in if European clubs want to sign its players.


Last year the league took the unprecedented step of Pkv revealing some salary figures, which made interesting reading. Top of the pile was LA’s Landon Donovan on $900,000 but at the other end Chicago’s Gonzalo Segares took home a measly $11,700.


Teammate Chris Rolfe, who recently played striker for the US National Team, collected a paltry $16,500 while fellow US international Clint Dempsey, who scored against England last summer and got the winner in the US’ recent win over Poland, earned a modest $57,875, some way behind their European colleagues and light years behind the stars of America’s major sports leagues.


The new season sees the first franchise move in the league’s history with the San Jose Earthquakes, one of the league’s top teams, moving from Northern California to Texas to become the Houston …



Atlantic City discards automated poker Online Betting games

June 19, 2021 myheartbelongsto



It seems like the market’s response to Atlantic City’s huge fore-front experiment was a very negative one. This involved cutting out dealers & chips, and then replacing them with automated poker games.


The Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino has had to remove their 14 automated poker tables after experimenting them out for the past few months. The process was that the electronic games would automatically shuffle and deal video-type cards. These cards would appear on a large display screen at the centre of the table. Every player at the table had a smaller-sized display screen equipped with the sensor controls to place further bets, to call or to fold.


The aim of these automated tables was to attract the younger generation of gamblers out there but this didn’t quite succeed. For example, poker player Ira Cohen from Brooklyn New York, says he much prefers a live environment with real dealers and the human friendly atmosphere they generate. Meanwhile the casino union clubs held the fear that the automated table games could have increased dealer layoffs.



Amarillo Slim Beaten Down and Robbed!


“Amarillo” Slim Preston, hands-down one of the greatest living gamblers and poker players of all-time, was rushed to a local area hospital in Amarillo, Texas, this past week after being beaten and robbed of his possessions and a large amount of cash.


The robbery, which occurred when Preston was trying to collect on a $3,000 debt that was owed to him, not only costed Slim $8,000 in cash and an $85,000 ring he was wearing, but he also suffered a broken jaw, hand, and thumb!


According to police reports, he was led to an open field in his hometown of Amarillo by someone planning to give him a 4-wheel drive …




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Terms and Definitions for sports betting

While luck may be a deciding factor in the outcome of any single game, and will inevitably go against you on occasion, it will balance out in the long run. Being a consistent winner in sports betting is not about luck but whether you are prepared to invest the time and effort to become knowledgeable about the sports you bet on, whether you can weigh all the factors in a cool, objective fashion, and whether you adopt a consistent, disciplined, long-term approach to your betting. Do all these and you will come out a winner. Remember, it’s you against the oddsmaker, not the bookmaker.

The bookmaker is simply a middle-man who operates on a small profit margin and, ideally he likes to see half the money wagered on one team and half on the other, assuring him of a profit. If too much of the money goes on one team, the bookmaker will move the line or pointspread to encourage bets on the other team in an effort to balance his book. The person you are attempting to beat is the oddsmaker and his views on each team’s chances. Just by flipping a coin you will be right 50 percent of the time. At odds of 10/11 only 52.4 percent of your bets have to win for you to overcome the bookmaker’s profit and break even, so you only need a very small edge to become a winner. Do your homework and bet selectively. 55% winning bets is definitely achievable and 60-65% is a realistic target. At those levels you will have an extremely profitable and enjoyable hobby.


Terms and Definitions


ACTION The amount of money being wagered on a game.


BAD BEAT A hard loss.





Four Unforgivable Sins Of 2022 Australia Calendars

June 17, 2021 myheartbelongsto


At the beginning of each day, flip over the entrance sheet to reveal one other glowing work of artwork from The Met? To see dates when you possibly can take the S.A.T. on a college day, visit Taking the S.A.T. in class. For the wall, you can choose an Airplane wall calendar. Download the 2022 fiscal year calendar templates from the best FREE collections of printable templates. This Calendar is loaded with great photographs of the massive birds for everyone within the trade. The Shoreline 2022 Wall Calendar options 12 months of Susan Winget’s paintings of sea creatures, sea birds, and seashells. The Sketchbook 2022 Wall Calendar options month-to-month artwork by Daniel Pollera of flourishing florals and delicate butterflies, birds, and dragonflies. The Treasured Instances 2022 Wall Calendar is decorated with month-to-month artwork depicting treasured moments of days past by D.R.

Pregnancy calendar with moon part November 2022 For those who favor your Calendar clean, check out our traditional blank Calendar. How can one hold the Susan Winget wall calendar on the fridge? There are two shops that we advocate for buying an Astronomy wall calendar. Another disappointing instance of steroids in sports activities of tennis was Argentina’s Mariano Puerta, who was suspended for nine months by the ATP for testing positive final year for Clenbuterol, simply two days before the news of Rusedski’s positive take a look at. Nandrolone is one of the most controversial steroids in sports within the current years. When you learn this web page, you clearly understand the advantages of buying an Airplane calendar for yourself, your loved ones, or anyone else you intend to buy one for. For the wall, you can select an Advantageous Artwork wall calendar. Choose an Astronomy desk calendar if you desire a calendar that may be placed on …



Neteller founder Lawrence pleads guilty in Togel Singapore gambling case

June 15, 2021 myheartbelongsto



Stephen Lawrence, the other NETeller founder pleads guilty in the illegal gambling case filed against it by US attorneys.


A founder of payment processor NETeller pleaded Togel Singapore guilty on Friday to a conspiracy charge over the handling of billions of dollars in illegal gambling proceeds.


Stephen Lawrence, 47, during a hearing before U.S. District Judge P. Kevin Castel in Manhattan, also agreed to cooperate with the government.


Lawrence faces a maximum sentence of five years on the conspiracy charge for his role in the operation of the payment processor.


Lawrence and co-founder John Lefebvre, who started the company in 1999, were first charged in January with conspiring to transfer funds with the intent to promote illegal gambling.


NETeller quit the United States in January, abandoning two-thirds of its business after authorities arrested the two founders.


“Mr. Lawrence is very glad to have this episode over and looks forward to moving on to the next stage of his life,” attorney Peter Neiman said after the hearing.


Castel allowed Lawrence to travel within the United States as well as to Canada and the Bahamas. He set a sentencing date for October 29.


Doctors Calls For Probe on Video Game Health Effects


The American Medical Association has called for more research into the public health risks of video games, but said it would let the American Psychiatric Association and other experts decide whether video game addiction should be designated a mental illness.


Dr. Ronald Davis, president of the AMA said that the organisation remained concerned about the behavioural, health and societal effects of video game overuse.


“To the extent that a game is controlling someone’s behaviours and taking over their daily life, then you are talking about a compulsive …




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Poker star Vanessa Rousso qualifies for final three on CBS’ ‘Big Brother’. The 17th season of Big Brother began with 17 competitors. Now, Rousso is one of three remaining players left in the House on CBS’ popular reality tv/game show ‘Big Brother’. She will win $500,000 if she survives one more elimination round on Sunday and then wins a vote from players previously ousted from the game.


Before the show began airing on June 24, Rousso talked about what advantages she had in the game.


“I’m used to having to strategize as people are eliminated, and in poker you have to read people,” Rousso said in an interview with CBS.


Rousso, 32, graduated from Duke University in 2 1/2 years and studied game theory en route to an economics degree before heading to the University of Miami for law school. But along the way, she began playing poker, building up a bankroll at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood. She finished seventh in a 2006 World Poker Tour event in Las Vegas, winning $263,625 and finishing in the money 16 times in World Series of Poker events.


While she has been on the brink of elimination on a few different occasions, she has managed to battle her way back into contention. Earlier this week, Rousso pulled what many are calling one of the biggest blind sides in BB history. Vanessa orchestrated a plan where fellow competitor Austin would think he was safe from elimination yet he would end up going home – a move that Vanessa had hoped would help her make the finals – which she has.


A victory for the Florida native would be more than the third largest score of her poker career. She has won more …



World Trade Organization Ruling on Online Agen Bola Gambling Ignored by USA

May 25, 2021 myheartbelongsto



The U.S. government’s move to effectively outlaw online casino and sports betting by prohibiting U.S. banks and Internet service providers from offering financial and Internet services to online bettors and the sites they frequent threatens to destroy the fragile economies of island nations Antigua and Barbuda.


The April 3, 2006 deadline looms and still no word from U.S.A. The U.S. government’s move to effectively outlaw online casino and sports betting by prohibiting U.S. banks and Internet service providers from offering financial and Internet services to online bettors and the sites they frequent threatens to destroy the fragile economies of island nations Antigua and Barbuda. In an effort to stave off those devastating effects, these online gambling revenue-dependant governments took the U.S. before the World Trade Organization seeking relief. And relief was what they were granted.


The Geneva-based WTO ruled in April 2005 that the U.S. action illegally violated world trade agreements and gave the U.S. until April 3, 2006 to create legislation that was compliant. With less than ten days to go, the U.S. has remained silent.


“The U.S. government’s interference with a multi billion-dollar industry, and its attempts to legislate the morals of it citizens, is simply a ploy to protect its own tax revenues by blocking the outflow of gambling money from its shores.” Said Marianne Anderson, Director of Marketing at, an online sports betting company with headquarters in San Jose, Costa Rica. “And its failure to implement the decision of the WTO further damages the country’s image in the eyes of smaller nations who used to look to the U.S. as a role model for international business relations.” Marianne added.


That viewpoint is shared by Dr. John W. Ashe, the Ambassador from Antigua and Barbuda, who was recently quoted in …




October 9, 2020 myheartbelongsto

Das neue Album heisst MIDNIGHT MIDNIGHT, und als ersten Vorboten gibt’s die lärmige Uptempo-Single DEPARTURE AND ARRIVAL.

Die elf Songs des Zweitlings handeln von Fluchtautos, Zwielicht, seltenen Wolkenkonstellationen, schönen Narben, dem Jahr 1997, Sex und dem bevorstehenden Weltuntergang. Mehr verraten wir nicht.


Le nouveau album s’appelle MIDNIGHT MIDNIGHT et le premier single c’est DEPARTURE AND ARRIVAL. Avec les onze titres de leur petit deuxième, le groupe nous emmène dans un univers peuplé de voitures de fugitifs, dans la pénombre, vers des constellations rares de nuages, dessinent de belles cicatrices, parcourent l’année 1997 et évoquent le sexe et la fin du monde qui nous attend. On ne dit pas plus.

XX Cecilia Winter…




October 9, 2020 myheartbelongsto

Winter friends, every second day we give you a new songtrailer, presented by 78’s. If ever you want to do the cabriolet-experience that we did for filming that- just rent the crappy red one at mobility. See you tomorrow in le bourg Lausanne, for our first MIDNIGHT MIDNIGHT- Show! Bises, Cecilia…